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International Law
Plan ahead with foreign investments

Additional International Law

Situs Planning

Location is key, and The Burton Law Firm can assist with situs planning

Situs refers to property that has a connection to a jurisdiction, for us usually the USA. For example, Real Property or Shares in a US publicly traded company owned by a Mexican national still has a situs in the USA. However, this does not necessarily apply to all assets as US treasury securities held by a foreign national do not. This is important as the situs of your assets affects your tax exposure and where you must file and when. The Burton Law Firm can assist you with your situs planning to assure diversification and your tax exposure fits your needs.

U.S. Tax Compliance

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International Tax Compliance

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International Dispute

When disputes cross borders, The Burton Law firm is there to help

By utilizing a multi-lingual staff and their global outreach of colleges and professionals, The Burton Law Firm has advised global corporations, financial institutions, foreign investors and government, and consistently utilize their skill, experience and reputation to achieve a favorable outcome in international disputes. Language, culture and law may often prove a difficult business barrier, but through experience and expertise, The Burton Law Firm can assist you to come out on top.

Conflict of Laws

The Burton Law Firm can assist you with conflicting laws

“Conflict of laws” refers to the conflicting set of rules or laws in a jurisdiction which may apply to any case, transaction, or other occurrence that has connections to more than one jurisdiction. A simplified example would be the Alcohol & Beverage sales where the state may have one set of law, the Federal government might have another conflicting set of laws, the distributor may be based internationally with another set of laws, and then lastly the destination state or county could again have different laws that hold. It can get exceptionally complicated and it is sufficient to say that the complex and intertwined market of the United States has several laws and rules that often conflicts with one another. This is increased even further when breaching international law and norms. Without proper guidance, individuals could be breaking actual law that is deemed to hold supremacy despite every effort and attempt to adhere to laws they though held jurisdiction supremacy.

Securities Regulation

The Burton Law Firm provides Legal Security for Securities Regulation

The Burton Law Firm are experts in counseling and defending individuals and entities in connection with creating exempt organizations and well as providing inquiries and investigations between local and federal government regulatory agencies and self-regulatory organizations. They are well familiar with the regulations, rules, policies, and processes, and offer clients the experience, insights, and judgment needed to secure successful outcomes. Their specialty is with sophisticated investors looking to create a unified investment outfit, but can assist with all levels of knowledge. They have the experience and knowledge to assist with Regulatory Enforcement Defense; Audit, Accounting & Financial Reporting; Broker-Dealer Advisory & Counseling; Commodities, Futures & Derivatives; Independent Monitoring & Independent Consulting; White Collar Defense, Investigations & Compliance Counseling and more.