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Part of the American dream for many individuals, opening a restaurant is a goal many inspire to. Especially so in Sacramento, which pioneered the farm-to-fork movement and has access to fresh high-quality ingredients and consumers. No matter ho great your food is though, restaurants cannot stay open unless they meet the needs of the various local and state authorities, not to mention the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Owning a restaurant requires a vast knowledge in how to pay your workers, insurance, what certificates you must obtain; how to formalize your company, properly managing employees, and most importantly protecting one’s self from liability and customers. It is an unfortunate truth, but we cannot count the number of clients that have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because a customer allegedly “slipped and hurt themselves” and the client did not have the appropriate insurance and liability protections to save their business from the following lawsuit.

The Burton Law Firm is a firm supporter of local restaurants, and many staff have even taken an interest in being involved with the industry one way or another. Their enthusiasm to help, and knowledge of the law can save a headache in the future.