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Litigation Overview

Experience Counts

Disputes happen in all walks of life. They are a part of human interaction and range from a mere difference of opinion to something more formal, more confrontational and even conflict. Sometimes, disputes even end up in litigation and go to court. Burton Law Firm’s acclaimed group of legal professionals consists of top-tier attorneys and staff that provide a full spectrum of services.

The Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, codifies your right to a jury trial in most civil cases. You also have the right to the fact determination function of a jury, something which is also preserved in the Seventh Amendment. Access to the court system is also protected by many state constitutions, including California.

Civil litigation is a complicated process, with literally hundreds of applicable statutes, codes, rules, case law precedent and procedural requirements that must be fulfilled in order to protect or defend your rights.

This is where experience counts.

Our professional team has multiple years of experience in both federal and state civil litigation, in a wide variety of areas. From initial case evaluation, to filing pleadings, through the Discovery process and ultimately arbitration or trial, our litigation professionals have the experience you need to represent you effectively. Our attorneys are prepared and accomplished at evaluating your situation, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and then presenting your case effectively. Having a strategy for pursuing your litigation goals is one of the keys to success.

Key areas of our experience include:

Fiduciary Litigation

We know that our laws are intended to protect you, your business, and your family. If you are involved in trust and estate disputes, commercial disagreements, partnership disputes, or similar conflicts, The Burton Law Firm stands ready to assist you avoid court through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process or if necessary, to successfully represent you and your business in court.