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Trusts, Estates and Probate
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Overview of Trusts, Estates & Probate

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We all understand the desire to provide for our families. In the end, we want to leave our loved ones with the best possible life skills to succeed in this world and attain happiness. In addition to passing on these important life lessons, we want to provide for the material needs of our families. At The Burton Law Firm, we understand the complications and problems associated with making sure that your final wishes are expressed effectively. We enjoy helping our clients with all aspects of trust administration and estate planning. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the practice of estate planning, and we are poised to put these skills to work for your benefit. Let us protect the assets in your estate from the forces attempting to shrink it, and pass the full benefit of your material wealth on to your beneficiaries.

Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses much more than a simple last will and testament. In fact, estate planning covers all aspects regarding the transfer of assets at death as well as ensuring that assets will be properly managed in the event of periods of incapacity. For the client, goals come first, then our attorneys use their vast understanding of applicable laws to come up with a plan that will meet those goals. Perhaps your goals are to be sure that third and fourth generations are provided for, or you wish to protect assets from a wayward child, we have the attorneys who can set your wishes into reality. It is difficult to discuss proper estate planning without the mention of a little tax.

The majority of estate planning deals with protecting your assets from undue taxation. One way to do this is through the judicious application of gift tax law. Gift tax law and estate tax law became inextricably intertwined when Congress unified the two codes in 1976 in order to limit estate tax circumvention. However, some gift tax exclusions can help an estate escape loss when estate taxes are calculated. Our lawyers know exactly the best course of action to take for the proper use of the gift tax exclusions in your particular circumstances.


Probate is a word that can instill anxiety in both people planning for their estate, and their beneficiaries. Here at The Burton Law Firm, we are not troubled by probate, we know what to do. Probate is simply the process by which a state court will oversee the distribution of an estate. Depending on the distinctive requirements of your particular estate planning needs, we have a plan for dealing with probate. Preparing a trust is a viable part of estate planning which can take the worry out of probate.


Many people benefit from the proper preparation of a trust. A trust does not fully negate the need for the formal administration of a decedent’s estate. Trust administration can be a confusing and overwhelming experience under even the calmest of circumstances. Our attorneys can guide you through this process and take the worry out of it for you. Let us alleviate some of the pressure in dealing with these issues, it is why we are here.

Personalized Service

The Burton Law Firm exhibits the right combination of the gentle skills of caring and compassion for each and every client, a desire to understand the unique goals and dynamics of every family, and the technical prowess to work efficiently and effectively. It is important for us to retain the small firm level of personalized service for our clients, especially during planning for the distribution of your estate. In the field of trusts and estates, we offer you big firm quality while delivering small firm charm. We look forward to working with you and your family.