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Tax Law
Tax planning is critical to your well-being

Tax Controversy

The Burton Law Firm can help you resolve intimidating tax issues

Taxes are generally due April 15th of every year. Some people do them on their own, but this can be a very stressful task. Although The Burton Law Firm does not prepare tax returns, they can assist with the legal aspects and have relationships with many accountants who can assist in your preparation. The tax law is daunting, and dealing with taxing authorities, like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), State Board of Equalization (SBE), Franchise Tax Board (FTB), or Employment Development Department (EDD), can be intimidating. If your business is experiencing a tax controversy, it is highly recommend that you obtain legal representation to protect your interests and provide you counsel.

They get it, you are busy. For whatever reason, sometimes taxes do not get paid and the FTB and/or the IRS come knocking on your door. The Burton Law Firm has successfully assisted several business and individuals with similar tax controversies to get themselves sorted with the FTB and IRS and themselves or their business up and running again.

Experience in all aspects of tax law

The attorneys at The Burton Law Firm are experienced in all types of taxes common to businesses, including income tax, sales tax, use tax, and payroll tax, etc., and can assist you during any stage of your tax issue. They frequently negotiate with the tax board and tax authorities like the IRS and EDD to cease or delay collections activity, correct mistakes, reduce tax liabilities, enter into payment arrangements, complete settlement agreements, and receive favorable rulings on appeal. When the situation requires, we are fully equipped to litigate your issue in the state and federal court systems but focus on resolving the tax problems before that becomes necessary. Regardless of the tax situation you are facing, we will provide a straight-forward assessment of your issues and a range of solutions to fit your goals.