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Trust Administration

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These are trying times, and the death or incapacity of a loved one can be an unbearable burden. If you are faced with this, know that there are certain tasks to address and are better taken care of sooner than later. If someone has died, their property must be itemized and valued. Names on bank accounts and investments must be changed as well, and their name must be removed from the County’s real estate records. Many of these tasks are required by law to be completed within the first few months after a person has died. There are similar required tasks if a person is not deceased but has been declared incapacitated. The Burton Law Firm is here to help you with these tasks.

Time sensitive

Although mandated by law, it is difficult to have to take on so much during your grief. As such, it is important not to put these tasks off. It may appear that there is plenty of time, but once the shelter-in-place orders are modified, there may be a rush to access appraisers, accountants, investment advisors and attorneys. Accountants will be focused on tax return filings which have been extended to July 15, 2020. Attorneys, appraisers and financial advisors will be addressing a backlog that developed over the months in seclusion. In addition, there are new challenges as many California Counties are not allowing in-person filing or recording of documents.

Given the “extra” time being experienced now, it is important to complete these tasks. 

Let us assist you

We are here to help you complete these required tasks during this time. We can assist you with the new County and Court filing and recording regulations. The Burton Law Firm remains open on a limited physical basis, but fully accessible by telephone, email and video conference. We have safeguards in place for your health and benefit if you chose to come to our Sacramento or Roseville offices.

Please call 916-822-8700 or email: to schedule your telephone or video appointment. Stay safe, stay healthy, and know we’re here if you need us.